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Dr. Gomes has gone above and beyond in my treatment. The entire staff is highly professional and assists you in any way possible. They truly try to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you might have. I highly recommend Dr. Gomes and his staff!

Annette R. 06/27/17

Every professional I know dreams of an office in which all the ancillary services work without a hitch. Many find that trying to be a manager and an expert at the same time doesn't work. I hold up Dr. Gomes as an example of how to do it. He is an excellent periodontist and oral surgeon and at the same time appears to be a smart investor and good boss. My wife and I both have gone to him with dental issues and never have had to worry about scheduling mistakes, billing problems or bad communications. He and his staff listen to feedback and take time to discuss questions. Since it's his practice and his business, he is personally accountable for everything that happens in his shop.

David D. 09/25/2017

Dr. Gomes is fantastic! He explains and doesn't sugar coat it. He has a very calm demeanor. I had flap surgery done on my gums. I was expecting a lot of pain but the only pain I suffered was from the injection site.

Shekila S. 6/22/2019

I really appreciated you and your staff wearing pink on my last visit. My spirits were very uplifting. Truly blessed to have you as my peridontist.

–Susan Rath, breast cancer survivor

Your office made the process of getting my tooth replaced with a dental implant easy and stress-free. I value the personal touch in your office.


I just wanted to thank you. The laser surgery did not take a lot of time to heal and was relatively painless. It's good to be able to eat again without discomfort. Thanks again.


This is a brief note to tell you about the great people at Dr. Daniel Gomes' office at Central Indiana Periodontics. I came here with some severe dental issues, in danger of completely losing all my teeth. Not only did Dr. Gomes perform two very delicate surgeries, at no discomfort to me, but he did follow ups in a very timely manner. Because of his great work, and the tremendous office staff here, I now have no problems. I would recommend him to anyone needing any periodontal work.

–Thomas Walsh

Dr. Gomes,
Thank you for properly diagnosing the issue with my sinuses and tooth. I had been suffering with pain and dizziness since 10/16/12 and you found the issue and promptly corrected it. You have no idea how grateful I am that you took the time and worked with me. Again thank you very much

Eric G

Dr. Gomes,
I just want to tell you that my implants feel great and thank you for leading me in the right direction. Dr. Ranjbar did a good job attaching my denture to the implants. I really have a good bite like you had said it would be.

Thanks Doctor!!

Allen B

Thank you all so much for taking such wonderful care of my mom. You are a blessing!


Dr. Gomes, I just got off the phone with "Kelly" (who was very nice, and should get a pay raise-as should all of your excellent staff); I finally sold my home and will be relocating to Tucson before my scheduled-now cancelled- appointment. Thank you so much for your excellent care. I want to express my appreciation, and the friendliness and efficiency of your office.


Dr. Gomes and staff, I have found your services to be excellent and the entire staff great to work with over the past few years. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me.